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I have an old plain Stella tailpiece.I was wondering if there is someplace I can take it to get it stamped or cut to look like the attached photo.

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The open design in the image could be cut with a jewelers saw and filed smooth but here is the problem with the idea. The tailpiece is plated steel. If you saw cut-outs through it, you will expose the steel, which can corrode very easily. You would have to have it plated or spray a finish on it. You may be better off just replacing the tailpiece if you don't like what is on the guitar now.

Yea there is no way I'm going to do it myself. Thanks Paul.

Allen, those tailpieces are a dime a dozen on eBay.  They're from the 60s and they made millions of them.  The guitar in your photo appears to be a 60s Harmony, and that would be the accurate tp on that guitar.  The pre-WWII Stellas had many different tailpieces, but not like the one in your photo.  So you wouldn't want that tp on an old Stella .. well, unless you just want to be creative.  ;-)

Check out eBay .. you should find lots of them.  If you get desperate, let me know and I'll send you one.



Thank you Tom, I'm doing a Stella copy(sort of) and when I saw that tailpiece I really liked the design. Thanks for the tip.

Hello Tom.

Please respond to my friend request so I can send you a message.



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