Hey all.

-Have you tried the stewmac heatstick for removing necks?

-If so, how was it? Did it work and heat/loosen the neck in a reasonable time? Any wood burn? Etc

-Where the larger holes you have to drill a problem at all?


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Do you have any idea on the best method to remove one?

I built my own with a couple of pieces of brass rod. One short piece I milled with my drill press to fit in the end of my soldering iron,  which I drilled to accept a brass rod the same size as the Stew Mac heatstick. I crimped it in place (brass is soft ) plugged it in,..and it worked fine.  Brass is a good conductor of heat !  Cost me $10.00 and my time.  It's a great tool, but expensive if you buy it ready made from Stew Mac!

I have one, but the only time I've used it was on a guitar that would have been challenging anyway.  I really can't compare, but I didn't get any results at all until I started injecting a fair amount of water into the hole to generate steam.  In the end it did not seem like there was that much less likelihood of steam damage.  

I’ve reset about 10 or 12 necks with the newheat stick. For me it’s slower than steaming but it works great. I’ve retired my beloved espresso/coffee machine. It takes the worry out of steam blistering the finish and moisture trapped under the finish as well. Necks come off almost dry, this speeds up turn around time for me. 


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