We do a lot of refinishes, and today was a day like any other, well...  I got a Fender Jazzmaster on the bench I fired up the old heat gun...  

The finish showed every sign of being an epoxy based, and really tough, I started sanding a little this was it got me.

it's metal! Well epoxy and metal powder, don't know what the exact product is, it reminds me of JB weld.

WHY would you do that to a guitar! It's a really thick layer, some places over 1,5mm, on the back I finally got the heat gun and scraper going, it's going to be a huge job but I think the guitar is going to be a pound lighter after I am done with it..

Paint flake. 

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wow, that is really strange and yes it does remind me of JB weld.  Maybe they were trying to make the guitar a little more "metal"?? if so, they should have just bought a Jackson! (^_^)

Looks to me like it's been plated. You can metal plate wood, plastics and other materials by first painting with a conductive coating. Google search, I'm sure would turn up lots of info on this.


i had no idea something like that was even possible, and now i'm wondering why nobody's just used that layer as the actual finish? 

real brushed-metal electric guitar bodies would be very striking.

It's a heavy finish looks like plating I don't know how it was done, but yes would be cool with a metal look finish.. 

Warwick does chrome finish 

Ibanez has also done chrome finish..

dunno about the warwicks but as i recall the ibanez chrome satch guitars famously had a lot of finish problems.

Back in the 60s, when I was a sculpture student, glass reinforced plastic was the new exciting material. One technique was to mix metal powder with the gel coat and get a product that 'looked' like cast metal. It was called cold casting. Could spraying equipment be modified to spray finely ground aluminium powder mixed with varnish or some other resin?


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