Is anyone familiar with a source for the style of binding pictured?

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I'd be very surprised if there were a source. Not too hard to make some, though.

Please tell me how you would go about it.

I need ideas because I need about 3 feet of it for this guitar.

That's a lot...

Basically the same way you'd make marquetry for, say, a classical guitar rosette; you glue up a brick with alternating strips of black and white binding strips, then saw into strips across the striped pattern.

I figured that plastic and acetone were going to be one method. 

There is one intact piece from the fingerboard that I can use for replacing missing sections on the body. The guitar is getting a new fingerboard anyway so whatever I end up with there will be a manner of consistency around the body and the fingerboard.

I happened upon this:

Thanks for the suggestion.

That's the stuff, all right. You need to ask him for the dimensions of the black/white pieces. Hope it matches.


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