greetings, I have acquired a very rare Weymann & Son (Philadelphia) double-neck harp guitar.  It needs a neck(s) reset.  All Weymann guitars I've worked on have a regular mortise and tenon type neck joint .. very difficult to steam, although I have had success with the heat stick on a M&T neck in the past.

Now I have two necks to pull and I need to figure out a plan/procedure to avoid cracking the delicate neck heel(s).  Note that the necks are joined at the heads (see pic, not my guitar but similar, mine is a slimmer 4-string harp drone neck and a regular 6-string neck), so both, likely, need to be pulled together.

Anyone done this before?  Any suggestions for a plan of action? 

Thanks .. Tom

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Nice idea, makes sense, thanks!


If this is in response to my reply, one thing I'd say is the original version has a built in torque limiter with the deflection of the aluminum. The steel bar has no limits and will crush a heel if you aren't sensitive.  

Yes, I've seen how the jig can crush or 'wrinkle' a heel, especially when lots of steam has shot out in the low part of the joint!


I would definitely consider locking the two necks together using additional bracing between the necks using some form of clamping system that prevents torquing the headstock.  Good luck.


Thanks, Larry, that makes sense.  I've not tackled the issue yet, I have a much more experienced luthier assessing it at the moment.



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