Im wondering if someone on the forum can help out with experience in staining/ tinting?

Coming up on 100 builds now but Ive always just let the wood grain and natural wood color do the talking. This time, I have a customer who wants a pink or perhaps call it burgundy stained guitar. The wood is figured maple. Ive attached pictures of the type of color we're looking for. I'm looking at the various products that are water based and can be hand wiped on. I do not want to get into spraying tinted lacquer. Theres lots of colors of stain but I havent seen anything sold that is remotely pink. My limited color theory tells me to add white to red to get pink but there is no 'white' in transparent stains to my knowledge.


It would be great if I could do this with the McFadden dyes but I'm open to ideas. Grizzly is close by and they are also selling off their dyes at half price. Problem again- no pink- how do I get pink in a  translucent stain?


Thanks in advance for any help.




ps- heres the link to the grizzly sale btw:

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Just a big thanks again to all who have taken the time to help me out with this. I am a ways off of the pink staining yet, but will post the results eventually for your amusement or praise.


Thanks again!



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