Truss nut replacement for 80s Sigma DT-4 (Korean)

Hoping someone here might be able to help. Recently acquired a Made in Korea Sigma acoustic. 5mm truss nut is nearly rounded in the socket area so wanted to replace before using it further. The thread seems to be very close to 25 per inch (a M6x1.0 ‘seems’ to fit the nut for about seven full rotations then stops). M6 is pretty close to 1/4” but cannot seems to find 1/4 x 25 truss nuts, or M6x1.0 for that matter. Tried speaking with the usual vendors but no luck yet. Anyone here have a guess what size they were made with and where i could find a repalcement? Any advice gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Mark

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Hi, when I mentioned that I had the bass rod repair welded I mentioned TIG welding. TIG apparently uses less heat than other types on such a small item.



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