I got this Washburn New Model back in 1974 at a yard sale. It was a reck, the victim of abuse and bad "repair" work. After all of this time, I have decided to attack the restoration of it. There are no identifiying marks or labels, other than "New Model" on the back strip.

does anybody know what kind of top wood they used. The back and sides are Brazilian Rosewood. The original top is not restorable. It was x-braced I assume this has a Spanish Cedar neck, which will need extensive repair. I am not especially interested in restoring this guitar to original condition. I plan to make an abalone-trimmed style 45 top

Many have recommended Adirondack red spruce, but I have no idea what it had originally.. I have ordered the Washburn book so I can see if I can recognize the model, see an inlay pattern. I plan to use an ebony FB and bridge.

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If the goal isn't to try for original configuration, then I think knowing the exact model would have little bearing on the project.   Use the spruce you want!  Same with fingerboard inlay - the Washburn book can give you some interesting ideas of their styles.

If you are going to salvage the neck, be sure to check the tuner spacing - it could be tough to find new tuners that fit, so modification or compromise may be necessary.

I have no idea which spruce would give the optimum sound. I have $0.00 in this guitar, so theoretically, I could buy a AAAA top, but would that be wise,  if a lower grade will deliver decent tone? I have recently read about Lutz spruce and that kinda appeals to me.


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