I am sorry, I know I have seen a thread about this before, but I am unable to track it down. I have a broken headstock and have decided that epoxy is my best option since the pieces have been glued before, so there is contamination. What epoxy is recommended for this repair? Thank you.

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Epoxy isn't necessarily the answer... lets say the carpenters glue that was used the first time had a shear pressure rating of 2800 lbs and the epoxy has a shear pressure rating of 5000 lbs and you strings pull 160lbs. The math would suggest you need a better cure. For me new wood across the crack  is the best cure. Not dowels, it's never dowels. Post some pictures.
Thanks John. I don't have pics at the moment, but it is a pretty nice long crack. There is very little residue of the old glue job and I have cleaned it pretty well, but there is some missing wood, so I am looking to do a little gap filling as well as just gluing. And yes, I completely agree about the dowels, I do plan on putting a new peghead veneer on as well.
When I get a previously repaired neck, I ALWAYS use my high pressure steamer to clean it up first. Works quite well!

Thanks Chris, I will put some steam to it.


I would just glue it with titebond  clamp it good and leave it over night and use the over lay on both sides if posible after depending on were the brake is.Bill.............
Matt, to answer your original question, West System 105/205 from West Marine is the stuff. If there's missing wood and contamination I recommend it.

Thank you Greg! I will look into that.


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