I am a new Luthier and I have been getting by with inexpensive chromatic tuners. Korg or Boss. What kind of tuner do the pros use and why? I see a lot of Luthiers and builders use Peterson strobe tuners that are around $200 the blue ones... What will work. I need many tools still so I dont want to drop 2bills or more on a tuner if it is less then a requirement.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I've considered that but worried about the weight of the adapter trashing the input. This happened on a recording device I used years ago.

 Most of the time I use the Forkanear method. For intonation I've been using the Planet Waves desktop Tru-Strobe tuner for a couple of years and I like it.

No mention of the Seiko Sat800, which I like for its big clear display, with numeric display of cents +/- in addition to the needle dial.  Accurate and inexpensive.

There's a new app on iTunes called "Strobetuner Pro" that is fairly decent, and free. It's a good way to decide if you would want to go that route or not. Not as good as the Peterson app, but pretty decent. It emulates one of the multi-wheel tuners of old.

I use a Boss TU-12H for 90% of my work.  It has an analog needle movement that provides excellent feedback during intonation adjustments.  It has been replaced by the TU-12EX.  The only issue I've ever had was when a customer stepped on it and broke the input jack solder joint.  No big deal - fixed in 10 minutes.  Other than that, it's like my Boss pedals - built to survive the apocalypse and likely to outlive me.


I do use a Peterson StroboFlip (also now out of production) for high accuracy work but the TU-12H is easier to use, IMHO and very affordable.  Perterson customer service is professional and turns repairs around quickly. 

I'd like to also praise the Peterson Strobosoft app for iPhone and iPad. I use my old iPhone 3 as a dedicated tuner. I looked at the Petersons recently but their Strobo-Flip replacement is butt ugly and the orange screen hard on my eyes.


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