Hi my friends.

I want to try to experiment with different guitar strings.

In the past, I have used D'Addario Phosphor Bronze extra light strings.

But, I just got a used but mint Taylor 110, which has strings that are

still fine, but I am not sure what brand, etc.

So, I'd like to ask, what strings do you use/prefer, for a dreadnought acoustic?

extra light, light, custom light, medium, etc?

coated or uncoated?

bronze, 80/20 bronze, phosphor bronze?

what brand? Martin, D'Addario, Elixir, Ernie Ball..??





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I've never tried BD, so I can't say. But I'm waiting a set of Ernie Ball Aluminium Bronze 13/56. I'll post my opinion as soon as I can.

The only way to really know which strings are best for your guitar would be to take a dozen identical guitars (construction and tone), string them up identically and record yourself playing the same sequence of chords with the same strumming technique for about 30 seconds each using the same mic at the same position and distance.  Sure, you could use one guitar but, by the time you restring, the temperature and humidity will have changed as would your mood and technique. Then you'd need to have someone else edit them together in a random sequence so you could choose blindly. You'd need to listen on headphones, studio monitors, a car stereo, and a boombox to get a good average.

Of course, there are no identical guitars or recordings.

The need for such a test is because our brains are not very good at remembering tonal differences. How you feel, the size and reverberant of the room, whether your hay fever or your girlfriend is acting up, etc, affect perception and memory.

Elixirs are good strings, but I buy Martins in bulk because of price and I like them fine on my D28 and my Taylor. Rarely do my customers state a brand preference, only a gauge.


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