The GUITARLIFT: a FABULOUS and REVOLUTIONARY new “guitar support” product!

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Students: I am Happy to announce a FABULOUS and REVOLUTIONARY new “guitar support” product (I am currently using) which EVERY CLASSICAL GUITARIST SHOULD HAVE — the GUITARLIFT! Originating from the “Genius” of guitarist-creator Felix Justen, and manufactured in Germany to the Highest Standards of “Fit and Finish” the GUITARLIFT’s “Ergonomically Correct Design”  allows the guitarist to maintain Perfect Posture and Alignment whilst allowing Maximum Adjustability in all parameters! The GUITARLIFT provides Extreme Stability (no slipping or sliding) and Zero Stress to the body! The Revolutionary Concept and Design moreover allows the guitar to “vibrate to its highest capacity” to bring forth balance, tonal beauty, and maximum volume from the instrument! It is available in several sizes (from children’s to large adult) and color options. I am attaching photos below, and additional information can be obtained via Maestro Felix Justen here on FB, via E-mail: or on the website:

Bravissimo Maestro Felix Justen and GUITARLIFT!

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