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At 4:48pm on June 2, 2009, FRANK said…
thanks Rusty i figured it out My son borrowed my cable for a show and left me a balanced cable wrong again it needed a unbalanced cable lol sure as i switched over everything was just fine but you left me some great tips thanks PHB
At 5:51pm on September 8, 2009, FRANK said…
have you ever heard of tyms guitars in Australia
At 2:52pm on November 5, 2009, William F.Eden said…
Russell Do you know if Bob Web. is alright ? I have tryed to get in touch with him to see why he has not been on the chat line latly but have had no luck .We sure miss.him Bill.Eden."""""""""
At 2:54pm on November 26, 2009, FRANK said…
hey Rusty i have a question about hooking up my guitar direct to a home stereo for a customer in his home via home stereo not a amp we want to plug right in to the wall and feed into the home stereo and here it through the house theater speakers ?any ideas
At 9:02pm on March 18, 2011, FRANK said…
Hi Russell I understand you really know electronics .today I got one I have no schematic for was wondering if you might help me ? it s a Lefty strat and so it is loaded with a Duncan stk-s2n in the N with 4 conductor wire .1 single antiquity in the center position but a Di Marzio 4 conductor wiring in the bridge .. I want to come up with a way to push pull the neck and bridge could I just use 1 push pull for the Duncan and the Di Marzio utilizing all 3 pots and a standard all parts 5 way strat switch enabling the player to choose either stack or single coil mode ...Or do i need 2 push pulls .I have had a bad head ache all day thinking about this and hope you can shed some Light .
At 3:44pm on January 2, 2012, Ian Supplee said…

I was told your a good guy to come too for more info Paul told me to come to you. im new here and i am a young luthier (16) i know some stuff but i was told to come to you for more info.

Ian Supplee

At 7:23pm on September 17, 2012, Paul Verticchio said…

Thanks Rusty.

Thx for the kind words.  I agree that this forum is probably the most "BS free" repair forum out there.

Your responses always get my attention for their sage advice.  It's ALWAYS a pleasure to get your POV(:

Thanks for accepting my request(:

Take care mate!!!!

At 9:22am on July 10, 2016, Mike Kolb said…

Hi Rusty....

Thanks for adding me!  I guess the name maker isn't THAT important, but just curious so as to potentially avoid this in the future!   In any event, I always enjoy your take on the various subjects that raise their heads 'round here.  

You're generally the "voice of reason" and it's appreciated!   Cheers... /// Mike 

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