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At 1:19pm on February 16, 2013, P. Douglas Scranton said…


   I can't tell you how much I appreciate you talking with me this morning about my Martin guitar kit project. After speaking with you I feel I can move forward with fitting the neck, applying the lacquer finish, attaching the neck to the body and then fretting the fingerboard. Both myself and John (the doctor who is building a kit as well) benefited from your generous gift of information. We are very lucky to have access to you and your years of experience. Thank you so much. Long live Gryphon!    Regards, Doug Scranton

At 4:20pm on April 17, 2013, Alex Glasser said…

hey buddy.  im on your forum now.  hope all is well in paly alty my friend. 

At 3:57pm on May 27, 2013, Andrew said…
Hi Frank, i have posted a thread about an L 50, and i would be very grateful for your advice. And btw, i love Ive probably read the whole thing 5 times.
At 9:22am on August 19, 2013, Paul kozy said…
I have Bay State model C3 #30842
Circa 1900, Brazilian back and sides.
Would you be interested in repairing?
At 3:40pm on October 12, 2013, Andrew said…
Ill try to keep this short and gush free, since youre obviously a busy guy: several years ago I bought myself a Jack the Gripper, which is ingenious. Nearly a year ago, I discovered, which is so useful and cool :P. Shortly after that I found the pages depicting your manufacture of Jack the Gripper, and was so ecstatic to learn that I have a tool you made with your own hands! Very awesome. I was gonna finish the handle and make it all shiny, but now that I know you made it, Im leaving it unadulterated and unfinished so it can get dirty and look like the honest hardworking tool its meant to be :).

Many thanks, youre quite inspiring.
At 4:51pm on November 21, 2013, Miles Jones said…
Hi Frank,
I just dropped you a line via Facebook but would like to cut to the chase and ask how you managed to inlay the neodymium magnets into the Chinese surface plates?
Did you just use a drill press and matching diameter masonry bit and then epoxy the magnets a little bit above the surface of the marble? It's brilliant and I can't believe I never thought if doing that myself! Would you mind telling me how thick and what diameter of magnets you used. I once installed rare earth magnets on a jig to hold a steel straight edge from falling but because they were too big it was a hassle to remove that straight edge and I had to scale down the size of the magnets until they were "just right" good hold and not too tight. Thanks for everything you do and share with everyone. I always come away inspired and smarter!
At 7:17pm on November 21, 2013, Miles Jones said…
Hi Frank, what are the ground rules for posting on my own profile page?
For example is it cool to promote my repair shop (Fret Works) and school or no. I don't want to violate any rules and get punted. Thanks
At 3:27pm on January 30, 2014, Pete Cyr said…

Hope you are well Frank. I miss you updates to Frets Machining page.


At 11:54am on September 15, 2014, Steve Baker said…

Hey Frank, I was wondering if you can help through something. I'm doing a complete re-bind on an Old Country Gent. I've done a handful of these at this point using weld-on with great results as far as securing the binding goes but am left with some touching up to do (on the wood portions) as the weld-on attacks the finish pretty aggressively. 

            My question is what do you think of using Titebond on a large re-bind like this? Ive used it for smaller separations on Martins but never on an entire re-bind. Do you think it will be a strong enough hold for an entire re-bind?  
-Dan Wolf
At 2:50pm on December 1, 2014, Ian Davlin said…

Hi Frank, 

 I got your package today. When you get a sec, I would love to bend your ear again.

At 4:26pm on January 8, 2015, charley erck said…

Hey , Frank. 

Just wondering if I've had my comments taken off.

Not sure why I'm not seeing them.


At 1:03pm on September 9, 2015, Robbie Collins said…

I've been trying to update my email, but the verification email never arrives. I clicked on the help options which took me to a address but the page would not load.

Thanks, Robbie Collins

At 11:17am on September 20, 2015, Kurt Uhler said…


Do you sell a dvd of your "Of Interest to Luthiers" pages. I love them and am inspired by them and would not like a future without being able to reference them.

At 6:33pm on January 17, 2016, Michael Burton said…

Hey Frank! It was great to actually speak to you on the phone the other day. I was the feller that called all the way from Newfoundland, Canada. Loved the Frank's Cranks. Here is an idea for ya. Ever thought of maybe designing a Deluxe Crank that has a tip for interchanging the winder heads? Some sort of snap in attachment to interchange between the different sizes? I would definitely be up for buying something like that! 



At 11:12pm on July 7, 2016, Ron Frazier said…


You showed a video of making your string winder and I cant find it any more.

Also where do you find the acrylic ?

thanks for all the lathe videos.


At 9:20am on October 14, 2016, ron stanovich said…

good morning Frank, Im new to this site looking forward reading what everyone is working on/building Ron

At 10:51am on October 15, 2017, Tim Williams said…
Frank : just joined yesterday, finally. We did a few jug band gigs in Santa Barbara and Lancaster in the 60s. I live in Canada (47 years next week) and make my living as a roots/blues musician. I currently usea Marquette flat top, 20s Stella mando, Gretsch resophonic, and a Twisted Wood Weissenborn-style instrument (mostly). Glad to see you still atit, and I’ll be posting photos soon of a civil war era parlour guitar I recently purchased.
At 3:30pm on April 16, 2020, Philip James Neal said…

Hi Frank,
I hope this finds you well. In the previous incarnation of your page there was an extensive amount of your personal archives with information of interest to luthiers and repairers. Can this still be found anywhere?
Phil Neal

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