I am restoring a 1920 Vega banjo Artist model and am having trouble finding a tubaphone tone ring that fits.It seems that on some of the earilier models ,the pot was turned to fit the tone ring after the tone ring was sized.Ayway I either have to build up the diameter of the pot thus altering it or find a 10 13/16 tubaphone tone ring.Any ideas would be appreciated.Anyone out there ever alter a tone ring diameter by taking out metal?

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More info? Do you have the shell complete, without tone ring? 10-13/16" isn't the most common size on those old Vegas, but they do exist. You might post on the Banjo Hangout forum to see if you can scare one up.

Are you talking about building up the shell to fit a new 11" tone ring? If so, you'll have quite a fight on your hands with the diameter of the bracket band, clearance around the fllesh and tension hoops, etc. It's pretty rare to encounter an old Vega missing the tone ring - I did see a #7 Fairbanks that had been cut from 5-string to 17-fret tenor, chrome plated, and set up without the Whyte Laydie ring. Sad thing - hardly even any salvage value after all that.
Dear sir I have had to enlist the help of a welder before to size a ring the tension hoop where the j hooks pull down and stretch the banjo head over the pot,
this took 3 try s to finally fit this ring I had to wrangle on in the end1 happy customer and 1 happy luthier,I had learned something and was paid also not much but the lesson it self was payment enough because now i can tell you that I have done this and won you can to good luck ..
You can try Bill Rickard, he makes modern 11" rings. But I bet he could make one custom for you that fits that rim.

Also there is Bob Smakula at He has a wide variety of Old Parts and may have what your looking for or might be able to point you in the right direction.


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