I was looking through to see if I could find any information on what to do with a loose grommet on my mandolin tuner. My tuners are Schallers and the upper A string grommet is so loose it fell off when I took the string off. I did find a link on the in the Big buzz list, but apparently it is broken (the link). Quite tantalizing, it says it's no big deal to fix them with the "fix them" being the hot link. Clicking on the link
goes nowhere.

Can someone help me with some suggestions for securing my mandolin tuner bushings?

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Try Frank's technique for firming up loose end pins. Superglue with accellerator. It makes the hole slightly smaller and fills up the gap.

The trick is to slowly build up a layer. I use it a lot.

I think it's on under loose endpin.


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