I've got a real nice sounding Martin D28-CW. The problem is that it's real tough to play, especially beyond the first position. The action on the low E at the 12fret is 4/32, which if I understand is a little high, but not awlfull. I put a 2 foot straigh edge and pushed it toward the bridge, it doesn't quite rest of the bridge, it's just a tad low ( so the edge of the rule just barely bumps the top of bridge). The bridge is glued in so Ican't sand down the bottom of saddle. The truss rod is as tight as I can get it. Don't think it's a nut issue as using a capo at the second fret yields the same results: the higher up the neck you go, the higher the action. It doesn't sound like these measurments are really out of spec, but the guitar is tough to note. I've compared the measurments with my Gibson Jumbo and the measurements are just about the same - but the Martin is much tougher to play. Even in the first position it's kinda tough to fret.

The Fret site says the rule should rest on the bridge, mine doesn't quite make it, but it's real close. Could it be a neck angle issue?
Any tips that I can try to get this guitar to play better? It's a great sounding guitar and I paid a fortune for it (about 2 years ago).
I'm not a luthier and I can't get the truss rod any tighter. Thanks for any advice.

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If you're having trouble in first position, there may also be opportunity to lower the fret slots in the nut. BUT as others have said, between the nut slots, saddle height, truss rod tension, and string guage, there are multiple elements to getting the action where you want it. If you know what you are doing, in which order, then you can fix your problem. If not, I would strongly urge you to take your guitar to a qualified repair person.


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