Hey people.  I found a great deal on cam clamps on-line at the following link.    The prices include shipping (for now).  It's the best pricing I could find on-line.  They're manufactured in the US.   I needed to call them to confirm the shipping cost.  I don't know who I talk too, but he said they used to make clamps for Bessey, etc. until his customers decided to go to the PRC for their clamps.    I got the impression his business is slow so I thought it be a win-win for anyone else who needs clamps and this company in Iowa.      Here's a link:  USA Clamp


The cost of 8.5-inch clamps are $13.45 (Stew-Mac is $16.94) each.   I bought a box of ten for $124.50 and got an additional $1.00 savings on each clamp.  Now figure in the cost saved in shipping...


- Steve

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well for $13.45 I can make up to 20 clamps in house ,cams and all and it has seamed like most tools and jigs are like that. Home made is the only way to go because here in the states, central CA is in a depression . in other words the Money aint flowing well enough here to be spending any kinda Money .for $124.50 Id make you 20 clamps twice more than what you are receiving on line .

I'm with you on that one!  

40 years ago, those things seemed too expensive for my budget, so I whipped up a batch, including some special super long ones.   Not only did I save $$$, but it was also a learning experience that gave me confidence to make more tooling for myself.


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