Hi, this is not really a luthier question, but still a guitar question, more or less..

Anyway, I  have been playing guitar off and on for 20 years now. 20 years ago, I took

some lessons to learn just the basics, and then have been on my own ever since.

I have always liked acoustic better than electric, but still I have usually had one of

each guitar, and have switched back and forth between the 2 of them. My question

is, should I just focus on one of them, and get good at it? Meaning, should I just

choose, say, the acoustic guitar, and focus on mastering how to play that?

I don't plan to be in a band, or anything like that. I play for personal enjoyment, but I

have hit a wall, so to speak, and am not getting any better with my playing.

I feel that jumping back and forth between the 2 guitars may be slowing my progress down.

Any thoughts on this?

Should I keep both guitars (acoustic and electric)?


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Hi Steve.

You better be careful! It sounds like you are dangerously close to ruining a perfectly good hobby.

I used to think of a ukulele as a toy but now I like to repair them and give them away because they seem to be a pretty good "starter" instrument. I really do think the reentrant tuning make them hard to master but they are easy to get started on.  I know one kid that carried a guitar to school on his back every day but I've seen lots of kids with ukuleles.

Keep 'em. I have two flat tops, one high dollar, one bought on ebay busted. Have not touched high dollar in six months since I fixed the busted one. And I play different now. Not afraid to go for it . Not afraid of it getting hurt. I even go to jams, something I have not done in years for fear of getting high dollar busted or worse. And yeah, lessons have always provided new ground for improvement. Keep , em. Play ,em. yeah

Arthur, I actually admire your restraint as it seems most guitarists can't buy enough guitars!


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