I know there are threads covering similar questions, but opinions vary as to the effect of string break angles over the bridge (acoustic guitars) and optimum string height from the body at the bridge also.

I am not a guitar technician and I have one simple, specific question, if you can advise please.

Without going into the geometry etc., will the string break angle behind the saddle,  (in my case a through bridge, ie. no bridge pins) effect the pressure on the under saddle pickup, hopefully leading to better contact and consequently clearer and more defined note separation when playing solos?

I hope I have put the question clearly and would very gratefully accept your thoughts and advice.

Thank you........Brian

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You could try to cut, or almost cut, the saddle in 6 pieces - one piece for each string. That will increase the separation and also improve the contact with the under saddle pickup.

Roger...thank you.

In the past I have indeed cut acoustic saddles wholly in the centre, or mid 2nd & third string to improve separation and my Avalon indeed has two distinct separate saddles built in.

Are you suggesting maybe trying cutting a small (or maybe more) small slots from the bottom of the saddle, to make the saddle flex?

The issue is purely not one of string imbalance, but more an issues of solo's standing out from strummed chords.

Thank you....I think that may well be worth trying.

Yes, cutting through from the bottom of the saddle, leaving a little bone on top to keep it together.

I am known to make segmented saddles, that is, separate 5 mm wide bone post under each string with soft spruce in between the posts. That will increase separation a lot, but also change the tone - maybe not to your liking.

I get the idea....definitely worth a try.

I'll return to this topic when I have experimented a little and report back.


Thinking about it... cutting the slots from the top will give better separation, cutting from the bottom more even pressure on the under saddle pickup. Maybe you should cut from the top AND bottom, leaving a sliver of bone in the middle? ;-)


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