Customer wanted action lowered on a Martin D-35.  Guitar had plenty of saddle to adjust.  I checked the relief was between .010 and .016.  Nut is in good shape.  The action before was approximately 3mm on bass, 2mm on treble at 12th fret, but customer wanted a little lower.  After lowering to 2.7mm on bass and 1.5 on treble, guitar played very well except A string at 5th and 7th fret.  I checked frets for level and found they were good, so I just did a light dressing to make sure.  At this point I felt it was too low, so I remade the saddle back to original.  I'm still getting a little buzz at the 5th and 7th frets on the A string.  I have read everything on your site as far as buzzing and still can't figure it out. Help!

The only thing I feel could be done is to remove frets, relevel fingerboard, and replace with new frets.  I feel that neck angle to the bridge is in good shape.  I ran a straight edge to the bridge and just about touched the saddle.  The measurement at the bridge from top of guitar to low E string is a half inch.  I feel maybe the fingerboard is just a little low at A string between 5th and 7th frets.  I don't know what else to do.

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.010 to .016 is a lot of relief. You might try straightening the neck and raising the saddle. First however, be sure that the radius of your saddle matches or perhaps is even a skosh less than the radius of your frets. That's a common problem that can easily cause a buzz.


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