Drilling the Truss Rod Access Hole Through the Upper Bout Cross Brace

This shows the jig used to drill the hole through the upper bout cross brace to allow truss rod nut accessibility on a just installed truss rod.   The adjusting allen wrench goes through this hole.

Though you all would like to see this interesting vintage jig in action.

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Interesting tool...  is it repurposed from another application or does someone make these as dedicated for this job?  

I'm guessing the business end of the rod (unseen) has some sort of chuck for a drill?  Thanks for sharing this!

The jig is an old Marples dowling jig.  All cast aluminum with steel bit guides.  Looks to be very expensive to make as the parts are carefully machined and drill/tapped.  Probly why it was made for a few years.  British design all the way.

The rod is a 12 inch long 1/4" drill bit.  Anything shorter won't make it past the guide.  

Isn't that a Gibson guitar (LG-1)  which would have truss rod access at peghead?

No, Gibson LG-3 (solid top), but National 1160 Neck.  No truss rod.  It is a customer re-brace and general fix up.

By the way, Mr. Ford,  I was hoping to interest you in free website maintenance of the old  I'd like to continue the tradition, but add lots more material and add anything the folks at Gryphon want added.  

You probably don't remember me, but we met years ago at the McDaniel college demo you and Dan gave.  I was the attendee who ran around campus getting lighting set up for your demo.  That was at least a century ago, seems like.

Check out the "Tools and Techniques" page on my website.  The site is 100% hand built and is read only showing via GoDaddy.. 

Dave Hanna,


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