Hi Folks,

I recently acquired an Epiphone recording banjo, the Concert Art Model, after it had been found in a trash pile down in Florida.  While it has a number of issues to be dealt with, it is largely intact.  The primary issue is that it is missing it's resonator, which was quite ornate and uniqe to that particular model.

I expect that I'll simply sell this as is, but I'd love to know if anyone out there might have the appropriate resonator in a pile of parts somewhere.

Here's a pic of the original resonator for this model, and a couple of others for fun!

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Amazingly enough, Gryphon Instruments just sold this very resonator on Ebay... I got it!



Hi Chris

  Do you still have this banjo?

Regards - Tom

Yes I do.  I had hoped to restore it over the winter, but haven't gotten the chance to start yet.


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