Hello all, I have Just recently joined, It seems like a great place to meet Guitar makers, Hopefully Archtop makers. For a bit over a year I have been making copies (from originals) of rare and extinct Archtop tailpieces, I have sold a few on Ebay but have yet to come any Archtop makers that might want custom Tailpieces, Having some trouble posting any photos ,But here's one of a Variety of examples. Feel free to contact me, Thanks John Lambdin

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Thanks Ruurd,  looks great. Love those old Walnut Broadways.  John

Hello John, how can i contact you? do you have an email address I can write to?

Any luck contacting John? I like his designs and obvious talent. I need a wonderful tailpiece for a build. L-5 ish, or at least substantial in a deco vein. Thanks for any help.

he just passed away unfortunately :(

Sad news indeed. John really contributed to my epiphpone collection not only by making great tailpieces, but thinking with me about my collection. Thanks to John the collection now has a very early Epiphone Triumph. he pointed out to me and made a new neck for it. Great job ! I will miss him very much.


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