So....Customer gave me a new strat body and wanted to add a sustainior and battery compartment...I did the route , and...CRAP !,,,,,I forgot to figure in the slant on the upper bout and the routing went through the finish into the top about the size of a sliver.....So....Ordered another body through Fender...After waiting for 3 months to get it , I successfuly did the route...Everything was perfect...As I was putting it back in the box , I realized the new body didn't have the bridge inserts....I needed to pull the old ones out of the old body and put them in...Of COURSE , while doing that , I somehow dinged the dang top !!!......In the pics , the smaller scratches are easily buffable , I think..But the largest one is not very deep , but the clear coat is shattered looking.....I've been trying to duplicate the ding on an area under the pick gaurd to no avail....I'm waiting for a reply from Fender as to what the finish is...My first thought was super glue...But then...Heavely thinned laquer ?....A super tiny drop of clear ?...Acetone ?...I KNEW this was going to happen the second I saw I needed to put the posts in !

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