I inlaid this maple piece on my Taylor. The image is of the former owner who was a good friend and bandmate. He lost his 10 year battle with cancer recently. This was one of his favorite guitars.
I was thinking of some wipe-on Minwax poly finish. does that sound OK?

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Hi Paul,

That is a beautiful thing you've done. 

If you have any concern about "going over the edges"  I'd have think about finishing it in Tung or another hardening oil which "glows" rather than shines - it's also not in a usage area of the guitar and its a hard timber already. But the miniwax would be fine anyway.


I agree with Rusty that this is a beautiful thing.

I have a guitar I received from one of my brothers just before he lost his battle with cancer. I couldn't play it for almost a year. I'd get it out and set with it on my lap the put it away again but finally realized that he's be pretty upset with me for not using it. Guitars are made to be played. I hope you have good times and great memories playing this guitar. 

Thanks guys
I drew this image from a photo of him playing my guitar (another one)
At my cottage. He was there with his 3 daughters (single Dad). We had let him use cottage for weekend. Great guy, great, great Dad, great singer-player.
I had the drawing laser-etched in piece of curly maple I got from his wood sop pile. He was gonna make a guitar or mandolin with it.
Hey Ned
You do need to play that guitar!

Quote Paul "You do need to play that guitar!"

I do, Paul. It's my primary guitar now. I've had it for a little over 10 years now and I still consider myself very fortunate to own it but I don't hesitate to use it anymore. It was one of 4 Bourgeois' he owned and the other three also went to people that would appreciate owing a good quality instrument which was beyond their means. All of them are greatly appreciated and well used. That was his point. If he though for a second that I wouldn't use the guitar, he'd have given it to someone else. 


Very cool.
I'm new to this forum. Did the picture post?

What a GREAT tribute.

MAJOR Kudos :)

Paul,, left click on "image.jpg" , located just under the Attachments: header.

...using Tru-Oil.
Tru Oil 1st coats


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