Hi does anyone out there have any advice on using thinners to restore scratches on a guitar? I'm familiar with antique restores using a shellac restorer to reconstitute a finish is it possible to do the same with Nitrocellulose?

Thanks in advance

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There was a video over on StewMac where Dan E. resprayed a few new coats of Nitro on an old nitro finish. If I recall he had a first coat that was a high percentage of retarder and thinner. Sorry I can't recall the ratio. I tried it on the back of my '72 Gibson Gospel and it worked great.

Nitro is very forgiving. New nitro melts into old pretty easily.

Thanks so much this sounds like the very answer I was looking for : )


i believe instead of thinner it was butly cellusolve or butly cellulose? they used to sell it at LMI.

I've just tried it with GP thinners and seemed to work well, thanks : )

I've just tried this and I'm  happy with the result thanks so much : )

For years I've been using Mohawk "Blush Eraser" for touching-up cloudy steam damage after removing necks for resets.

I see where "Blush Eraser" per se has been replaced by "No-Blush Plus Retarder" but I'm pretty sure it's basically the same product, renamed...  and it works real well.

Hey Mike thanks for the handy tip : )


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