O.K....I'm doing a partial refret on an older Gibson archtop...I'm getting a .070 width measurment on the old wire...I quadruple checked it , and checked it against my Martin/Fender wire in case my calipers was off...Nope...Now , I've checked Jescar , LMI , Stew and Dunlop...Not one of them have anything close to .070...Did they maybe get a funky batch of fretwire at Gibson ages ago ?...Never ran into this size on a Gibson or anything before...Any sources I don't know about that might have it ?

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I measured the fret wire on a Gretch ukulele (Chinese made) which was .070. Might be a direction to look.

Thanks...I did see that....

This is what I would do, take .080” width fret wire and file the width down to .070”. Taking an equal amount off each side, the best you can. StewMac has a fret barber tool that would also possibly work to thin the fretwire width.


Looking at an older chart on a Dunlop Accu-Fret box. It shows #6350 with a .070 width. It has a tapered tang.


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