I only today spotted this post by Frank Ford on the UMGF, dated 05/26/16 .... the relevant excerpt is as follows

"Right now, I'm yearning to get back to the bench to confront a list of instruments in need.  In the last week, I've been the needy one - I took a spill and broke my stupid hip, so it's another week in local rest/recovery/nursing facility before I can stand and apply for release ".

I am sure that everyone here wishes you a very speedy recovery, Frank.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery Frank!

Ah, yes, Another week of institutional food, people waking you up to take sleeping meds and random bouts of pain inducing "therapy" to.,, help you get over the pain.  I'm envious. 

Really, Hope you get up and around soon but take care. 

Hi Frank, Sorry to hear about this.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.  I hope you're back to doing what you love soon.

Frank, I know you will get over this fast, with your positive outlook! Best of luck, Godspeed.

Frank -

Take advantage of the idle seconds and get better :)

Another get well wish from a devotee.  I'll be checking in for news frequently.

Hang in there, Frank.

Mike Fields

Get Well Soon MR FORD! 


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