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So I just posted about another guitar that I was fixing the bridge on. And in comes another that I have questions about. The guitar in questions I believe is a 64' Gibson LGO. The problem is the bridge is about to fly off the guitar. Well it would have already if it was not bolted on. My real question is about the bolts that are holding it on----See Attached Pics---. Are these stock or what? Also the bridge seams to be some sort of plastic material. Are these things normal on this model? What would you guys or girls do in this situation?

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My 1st geetar was an LGO and now I know why it had such terrible response and also remember a space of about 1/64th"

around the whole bridge.But that was early 60's.I did like the mahog body.Put that new bridge on an' listen to that baby sing!


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