This instrument isn't as elegant as what I see here all the time, but I had fun building it.  It's my fourth stringed instrument, and here it is.

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I can hear you strumming Hanalei Moon !

 Man, this looks GREAT!

That's pretty cool, Ron.

Hey, can you use a humidor and make a baritone Ukulele?

sure. What've ya got?

Sorry, Ron, I guess my question was misleading. I don't actually have a humidor, I was wondering if it took something that large to make a baritone. 

Okay, got it.  It would depend on the size of the box.  The Baritone Uke that I built for my wife measures  9" on the lower bout and 14" in length, so a box roughly that size could be fashioned into a Baritone Uke.

Thanks for asking.

You could even build a baritone uke, or any size uke out of anything that could be used as an echo chamber, e.g. a gas can.  It would have it's own unique sound, 

Here are some more pictures



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