I've got a 2002 Ibanez SR type 5 string bass in for electrics replacement. The controls were fried( someone let the smoke out) the owner brought back a new prewired  harness, ( pc board and 4 pots).   Looking on line to ident the board,  the drawing that looks closest to what he brought me is attached ,no markings on the board or pots but the pinout ( 6,6,5) is the same and the pots are wired in their respective places.

 however this board is shown in the drawing  with "two wire" pickups ( white & shield) while this bass has three wire, (shield, white & red) pickups  ( SFR-MN  3pu1c4320)     all the drawings I can find with three wire pickups show 9vdc on the red wire and the white going to the circuit board  so I'm thinking ,active pickups but passive circuit board? can't find any info on line re wiring diagrams for epoxy potted humbucker bass pickups ( bartolini type?).

 to be safe I wired the  new board in in a "passive "configuration, that is, shield & red to gnd, white to the volume pot & out    the bass plays, all the eq controls seem to work well i.e. one double shaft pot bass & treble, 2nd double shaft pot mids cut/boost and freq range (Q), third double pot balancer and fourth volume,   but the out put is weak, all volume and gain controls on board and amp "dimed" and still the output is only so so

 I'm in need of insight on just what the board is.   only EQ or is it a preamp as well,   does the preamp need the red pickup wire to hot even though the wiring diagram doesn't show it or do I just have the wrong board for the pickups

any brave takers on this one? I'll supply more info if this is familiar to anyone Ibanez gives me a bit of a run around , and I have been unable to strike the mother load of documentation.  I,m hoping some tech at a bench has a working knowledge of Ibanez basses and can steer me to knowledge nirvana

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1) It's an active preamp and your pickups are active (obviously c4230), so you need to connect the red wires from the pickups to the red wire from the battery.

2) you need to replace the 500K blend pot (balancer) with a 50K blend pot since your preamp version is for passive pickups


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