I have a habit of doing photoessays of much of the stuff around me shop for Facebook. It is actually quite rewarding, and of course Frank Ford's FRETS site never existed (along with digital cameras, and easy uploading and myriad other things) I would never do them. I always get great response on Facebook from the Luthiers and friends of mine, and never get comments at all over on the hoytie- toytie  Collings Forum... ( I love all those folks,and post there daily,   but commenting on stuff like this is just a big no-no for some reason once you have several 5k axes in your house! I have no clue why encouraging me in this is something those folks are almost totally incapable of! After all, I AM a sweetheart of a guy!)  

 Anyway, maybe 3 times a year, I need to slot a bridge saddle, and the jig that I had was pretty dicey,  made of wood, and was super difficult to  use at the best of times .(it involved a screwgun and robertson screws. Enough said, as I can hear you chuckling...)   

 I hope to have it finished today. I gotta say that working with acrylic to make jigs, is both quite rewarding and super difficult. It is mindblowing how easy it is to acetone 100% true pieces together, and so difficult to get them 100% true! And the static electricity  coming off the tools makes for some snow storms of white powder particulate! 

  As of last night, I have about 14 hours into this project, and a few more to go. It would have been WAY easier to just fork out the cash and buy this tool, and maybe if photoessays and my ego were not so important to me, I would have bought it. I do love learning though!

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Retro, this is the 'Fretboard Journal' guitar that they published the online story about in April. It is a '51... 

 Here it is...


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