One of my favorite things to see and hear about are luthiers shops and work benches. I feel like they are key elements that make you work effectively and efficiently. I need help in both! I am attempting to post pictures if it doesn't work I will post as soon as I can.

              Right now my bench is about 30" by 6' its made with two pieces of plywood on top of metal shelving units from home depot that are screwed into the wall for stability.

           I have a small shelf right above the work surface to keep stuff off the work surface. I have an over head lamp and a side retractable lamp. The more light the better! Power strip on the back of the bench. Variac, soldering station, and amp fixing supplies to the right. Not much amp business right now though :(
          Small vise for nuts and saddles on the left. My next purchase is a repair vise that will go on the left.Within the next year I am moving the hole shop into a different room.

          One of the most helpful things is my little dolly bench made from scraps and some carpet I found at the clearance aisle at Home Depot. It helps keep thing off the bench and when I am busy, which isn't often ;), I use it as a temporary bench.


What does your shop/ bench look like? What cant you live without? Whats on your radar?

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That sounds cool! Any pics?

OK so you guys are willing to put yourselves out there, I guess I can too. One caveat specifically to all the Hesh's out there, look at your own risk. If I'm lucky I get to sweep the floor once a day. Dusting? What's that? BTW I call it organized chaos.This is tonight at the end of my workday. The one on the bench is a cool old Vega parlor I'm restoring for the Buffalo Brothers.My old dog Charlie always smiling down on me.My go bar deck. More in my next post.

So a few more shots.And I've always got J. C. to remind me of what it really is all about.

Can you imagine if JC and Jimi had gotten together for a recording session.... after the flash-backs ended and the Oreo cookies ran out they would both wake up in prison.... ;)

I think that your shop looks pretty cool and pretty busy too with lots of stuff happening all at once - organized chaos is a great description!

Eric my friend is that a vacuum pump that I see in one of the pics and if so what do you use it for?

I do tend to have a lot going on at one time. It keeps me moving as there is always something ready for the next procedure. The thing you see that looks like a vacuum pump is actually a compressor for an air brush setup that my friend Gregg loaned me for the touch up work on the J-185 I'm working on.

On the other note, I'd be happy to have ended up in the cell with them, if only for the Oreos.... :) 

LOL!!! ;)

I love the J Cash photo. I've got one of those in my shop too

Boy am I ever glad I don't know how to post pics on this website.You guys' workbenches look so good and orderly. Mine did look that way but im in the middle of a small build for my 14 month grandson,I dont have a thinning machine so I have been using my palm sander.Yuck even with my little shop vac going I'm still getting sawdust everywhere.

     I screwed three 2'x4'x3/4" plywood together as a bench surface covered it with black leather. It look's really good when it's not totally messed up. Been thinking about scrapeing lots more work,but less air pollution.At least I wore a dust mask.It's a total mess in there now.

      I have a 6" craftsman woodworkers vise and a small 4" regular vise for nut making and other things. I have to slab everything with handsaws now. First thing on my agenda is a bandsaw.

Here are a few pic my new shop bench. Having built a couple benches. I took inspiration from Frank Ford here. The main bench frame is screwed, glued, and doweled at all the joints. I paneled three sides and the top to make it rigid. I then bolted it to the wall. The top is a solid door. I copied Frank's vice mount. It is mighty handy to move around or just remove it. Thanks Frank!

My favorite thing is my switch box on the floor. It control four items. Usually it's vacuum, amp, inspection light, soldering iron.  I am also happy to have bought the old tool chests before they became so expensive.  Cheers. Tom

Looks great Tom. Clean neat and organized, I'm jealous.

Great looking spaces,everyone. I will take pics of day, when I get it cleaned up and organised....(again). Basically its a garage workshop. I do 'mostly' electronic-type repairs on amps, guitars etc. for a local music store and word-of-mouth.

I have done more luthier-type work on my own 'stable' of vintage acquisitions than 'other folks' instruments!....Thank God...Ha!

BTW....Love the Johnny Cash poster, Eric! Gotta get one of those. It conveys 'serious' attitude....!



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