Hi, My new project is a mandolin with "Tajibo wood" wood from amazonia. I want to do something like the epiphone mm 50, but I need some dimensions like nut with, scale, body with, etc.

Does someone here has the plan of this or a similar, or has one and can give me a hand?



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 Alvaro, there  is much better help to be had with your questions than this Forum. You need to  go join the Mandolin Specialists site MandolinCafe. The Builder's section will help you out. First, you should google   'A' style mandolin plans' . There are tons out there, like I said though, the Cafe is definitely the place for you questions.

I have to say, if your "Tajibo" is that same as Ipe, which I think it is, you're a braver man than me to want to carve a back plate and bend that stuff into sides. It's VERY, VERY hard and tends to splinter easily. I don't recall seeing Ipe used for anything that didn't  pretty much run in a straight line (decking, structural support...) but I haven't actually tried it on a bending iron so maybe it works fine.   


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