Now to the point in this 1969 Martin N-20 where I need to fret the board with I guess some kind of classical frets. Only problem is with all the different kinds out there what crown height and width should I use to help.? get that Trigger sound? Please give me a brand name and a few specs to look for with thanks .
Also down the road Would love to track down a proper wooden ceramic style red/yellow green rossette like Trigger but have no idea where to find one . A local luither thought it may be German. Being a Martin guess that could be right. Any help even ever so small might help me find one to make the guitar look right again with bigger thanks.-Rob

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I'm under the impression that Willie Nelson's signature tone comes from, in order of importance:

1. Playing technique

2. Baldwin pickup

3. The guitar itself

The frets don't contribute significantly to tone, and I'd expect them to be standard .080" wide Martin style frets.


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