Ok folks here's the newest challenge…. a wood body,appears to be laminated birch 3 ply, with F holes, Resophonic Tenor guitar…. not a mark on it apart from an 'X' in pencil on the inside of the back….it has some yellow overspray on the inside where the hole for the resonater cone is cut but not  any under the f-holes…no FON numbers…. nothing on the heel or butt blocks. Kerfing is uncut, sold strips… exteriorly, the headstock shape and the 4 rivet welded tail piece along with the pointsetta design cover plate look very Dobro vs National.. It has brass frets and inlaid MOP or abalone position markers at the 5th, 7th and 10th frets..unbound fingerboard and body appear to be a very bad refinish resembling half melted vanilla fudge ice cream with visible brush strokes and even a fingerprint on the lower right bout.. original tuner buttons were black plastic/bakalite friction banjo style that I had to replace with planetary banjos because 2 of them wouldn't hold tight enough at pitch. The resonator cone and spider web were not with it when purchased and have been replaced with an aftermarket 10 inch cone and web…
no soundposts or baffles, just a 1/4 in rim glued to the inside of the face.

I've seen nothing like it on-line or in any repro-catalog for dobro from the 20s thru the 30's. 

Comments or leads would be appreciated to assist in the restoration
Joe A.

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