We're all working on vintage instruments, so may have an interest in vintage cases as well.

I’ve just published a new website about Vintage Musical Instrument Cases. In addition to a lot of historical information, there is also a section on Case Repair and Construction.

Contents include:

History of the Geib case company. I’ve been in contact with several members of the Geib family and have added a bunch of cool photos and many fascinating details about the company history.

A story on the History of Bull’s Head cases. Everything you ever wanted to know about M&W cases, F&F cases, and Harptone cases.

A section with Case Repair and Construction Tips.

History of the Lifton Mfg. Co., and 1940 Catalog & Price List.

(And coming later this summer: Histories of several other case companies, and the Origin of the Modern Instrument Case.)



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Steve  -

Thanks for posting the link, and more thanks for your tireless work in this effort!

 Steve, I can't imagine the trouble/hours/headaches  that you have gone to to build that site. I am thrilled for you that it is up and running!

At some point in the future, I may have some pics of a custom made late 1920s  Greib that they only made a few hundred of. I hope you consider starting a Facebook page for this site as it will get your page out there a bit better.  

Definitely worth bookmarking. Nice repair guide. Thanks! 

What an awesome resource. You're a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience. Thumbs up my friend.

nice work

very interesting  

going to try this method of case building

thanks Steve

keith w

Fabulous Work!

It was great to see a few Cases, (which here in the U.K. where there was once a Trade Embargo on American Instruments in the days when Trade Restrictions were commonplace all over the world),  I have only ever handled one or two examples of, in my entire life.

It quite took me back, and I had a good look through your entire Site and thought the whole thing was really great.

Big Thumbs Up from Oxford, where we are into History in a Big Way.


Thanks for Sharing.



Kerry made a great suggestion that I start a Facebook group for vintage cases. Seemed like a good idea, so here it is: You all are welcome to stop by, join and share.

No need to stop posting things here as well.



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