I recently came across - which i "devoured", because it's so full of great insight and information, and from there on I discovered this forum - great place, too!

My interest in guitar's inner workigs is pretty recent, and my study into this field is just at the beginning. But from my readings so far - including those from - I've been able to understand much more about guitars than I could understand before, and for this I am grateful to guys like you who share information.

Since it's always best to measure twice and cut once, I figure I'd better read all I can and understand as much as I can about guitars before embarking on the rather complex journey of making one. So right now I'm in the "knowledge buildup" stage, and too keep myself challenged without actually touching a workbench, I started collecting a sum of "utilities" for luthiers, in the form of an online tool.

What I'd really appreciate would be if you guys could take a peek there and give me some feedback on the tools you can find there, or even better, to challenge me with completing it with new tools.

Here's the address:

Since I'm still working on it, the "export" functions in a couple of modules don't work yet, and the Rosette Designer still needs some tuning up, but you'll get the general idea, I hope.

Well this post is getting long enough as it is, so I figure I'd better stop here for now.

I'd much appreciate your feedback on this!

Thank you,

Eros Nicolau

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You're most welcome, Lee! :)

Thanks again for pointing that quirk out!

Eros....Your page of tools is really very clean and functional. I cant help but think your guitar will be the same way. Get some wood and start building !


Wow, thank you for your encouragement, Steve! Yes, it's my dream to embark upon such an endeavor... But until I can properly set up a corner of my house where NOT to disturb my lady with dust and noise, I can only read and learn, in preparation of future projects. I'm thinking of properly closing up our bigger balcony and turn it into a rather long workbench (5mx0.8m of sheer real estate :)) should be enough for a little shop with no power tools). By the way, I'm guessing the direct sunlight pouring through the huge windows of this makeshift shop would not be a very good thing, right?


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