original bridge thickness on older Santa Cruz Tony Rice model?

I've been asked to do a neck reset on the above guitar.  The serial # is 990, dating it to 1993(I think).  I suspect the bridge may have been shaved, it measures 9/32" thick, and is flat across the top, between the wings. The folks at SC have been helpful, but their records aren't exact, it may have been about .33"(5/16") thick. I'd like to confirm the correct thickness, before the reset.

Can anyone out there advise?  Are SC bridges usually flat between the wings?

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Dave, no one here seems to be responding. I would message FrankFord directly, or join one of the SanaCruz  websites, as there are always Luthiers that are members. Good luck.  

Hi Kerry, between the helpful folks at SC, and the UMGF, and talking to a local dealer, I got my answer(yes, the bridge seems shaved and is low).  Given I'm doing a reset, I'll replace the bridge with one of proper thickness, and a radiused top.

I have certainly received excellent help here too, with past inquiries!



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