How can i repair the composite material of an Ovation's Back bowl?

The scratches, the cracks and the conection with the biding?

Hope you can help me.

Thank you

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As far as repairability goes, there's probably not too many Ovation fans here.  They've always done non-traditional things with "unique" approaches.  Standardization and easy repair aren't their strong suits.

What I find particularly frustrating is, despite that, they usually sound pretty good!

Regardless, you've got an uphill battle with the composite bowl repair. Maybe consulting with someone who does auto repair on fiberglass would be more helpful. Or perhaps an outfit that builds or repairs surfboards?  

Sorry to be less than helpful, but it seems that Ovations aren't terribly well-loved in the repair community. Having said that, maybe someone here has the experience and know-how to steer you in the right direction. Good luck with your project.

Oh, and if you discover some neat fiberglass bowl tricks, feel free to share 'em!

Thank you anyway.

I am waiting for an answer from a enterprise here in Portugal that is in the business of composite materials:
epoxy and poliester resines, carbon and glass fibres and gel coat.
Once they reply i will certainly come here to share the information.

Thank you


I have repaired some with super glue

than fibber glass or epoxy

  If this helps I have 2 that got in the way of a husbonds head the top and sides are bad

I bought them for the cases


The topic reminded me of a couple of "shop relics" that have been kicking-around here. A few years back I bought these Ovation bodies on eBay, advertised as factory seconds.

They have minor dings and such but appear to have never been married-up to necks or had any top cut-outs done.

Nope, no clue what I'll ever do with them... but the proverbial "someday" always comes to mind.

Mike, this is diverging from the bowl back repair subject, but the bodies you have would be ideal
to experiment with resophonic cones in a bowl back.One in spider cone and one in biscuit?
Seems more productive than making more Ovations!

great thinking, Charley... my brother's a dobro player and (as a result of many repairs & mods on his stuff) I've a pile of spider cones, etc.  Thanks for the cool idea!  


I can say for now that the enterprise answered me and by the pictures i send them:

They are sure it's epoxy resine
About the fibers not so sure, but usually 
glass -> white
kevlar -> yellow
carbon -> black
So they are inclined to carbon fibers.

They sell  1 kg of epoxy resine for 25 € and 1 m2 of carbon fiber for 35€

They gave me the phone of their technician to inlight me with my questions about the methods of applying the materials.

I guess that soon i will give you more news.    :)

Good luck, Manuel !

The "Lyrachord" material is said to be "an omni-directional silicone cloth, bonded with aviation resins" so I imagine acquiring some silicone rubber sheeting and some aerospace grade resin would do the trick...might be overkill but my guess is it's the closest you could get to the actual "Lyrachord" material.



Thank you 

Hello again

I talked with the technician and here is what i got:

Use epoxy glue to bond the composite to the top binding
Mix a grey metal pigment to the epoxy resin, untill matches the color, to fill the gaps or scratches

For the cracks 
 first a bit of sanding around the area and apply a coat of epoxy resin and two or three layers of fiber with the adition of epoxy resin
To protect the areas not to be worked, cover with plastic, the epoxy resin won't glue to plastic.
About the fibers
carbon fibers are more rigid. therefore they are more, how can i say, fragile (?!) if subjected to forces like the pin of the guitar strip.
He sugested the use of glass fiber for being more flexible and might resist better in that case.

And that's it my friends  :)

Now i am going to work on the guitar, and later, perheaps i will come here again to share the final results.

Thank you all


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