I've been wanting a Taylor GS Mini mahogany for over a year now,
but cannot afford one ($500 new, $400 used).
I just saw this ad for a cheap one, but it has a large crack.
Could you please tell me about how much you
may charge to repair this?
Thank you.

(see link below)


p.s. A local luthier gave me a quote thru email after

seeing the photos on craigslist.

He said it is most-likely due to drying-out,

and that he would charge $100 for the repair.

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Arthur, It looks like your link goes to your email app (exchange) or something. Anyway, I'm getting a request to log into exchange.


I just went to the Boston C'slist site & searched for Taylor GS mini. Only two came up and the mahogany one has a great pic for the top crack.

Here's a copy of a link that works...or worked for me: Likely a protocol issue.

thank you for doing that

I don't know what happened to my link

yes, that is the guitar

Hi Arthur.

For YOU, I'd do a free repair on that. Unfortunately, the shipping to the midwest (and back) would be a LOT.

Let's assume, for the sake of this discussion, that it's a dry guitar crack and no braces are loose, etc.  All that's needed is to re-establish the proper humidity level. The crack will close itself.

Then, there's a super easy procedure where you push down gently on one side of the crack with your thumb and simultaneously work some Titebond into the crack. When that's done, release the pressure on the side of the crack (remove your thumb) and wipe away the excess glue. A a simple "Irwin style Quick Clamp" across the lower bout will apply sufficient pressure to keep the crack stable while the glue dries.You'll also need a hardware store "shim wedge" or two ($2 for a dozen) and a thin piece of plastic to assure the crack stays aligned during clamping & glue curing.

Once the glue is dry, you'll only need to clean-up any glue squeeze out with a paper towel soaked in very warm water. Wipe it dry and you'll have an instrument that's in great structural shape.

How they do this at the Martin Factory can be seen on pages 136 & 137 Dan E's repair book, (3rd Edition) . Pictures truly are worth 10,000 words :)

And for $250, that instrument is a STEAL.

Best of luck, buddy :)

better photos


thank you! 

How much would shipping be from Mass?

The luthier that quoted me $100 said it would be structurally sound

after the repair, but it would be easily visible, and he recommended

that I not buy the guitar, and to save-up and buy a non-damaged one.

Another luthier quoted me $125 max, but also said it's best to pass.

Another luthier said this:"That's a giant crack in the guitar, to fix that properly you're looking 
at least $150-$250 range.  I would save your pennies for a new one."

Another luthier said this: "The key to a crack like that is to get enough glue into it to stop it from running.
After repair, it will be stable but always visible and therefore difficult to sell.
My advice to you is to wait and find one that has been well taken care of and not allowed to dry out & crack."

what to do?!

you said $250 was a steal, but they are telling me a different story

I wish I lived close to you so that I could send the guitar to you.

one of the above luthiers advised me to pay no  more than $100 for it

do you think I should grab it?

I stand by my assessment, Arthur. Since no one offered a counter comment to my assessment, I have to presume that it's correct.

Are you looking for 'votes' or solid advice?

Here's my POV and you can use the info as you wish:

These "street" new for $500 ($499.99).

It includes a good case from a well respected case maker, valued by the seller at $80.

So, you're able to get a "normally $400 used" guitar with an easily repairable top crack and a "$40 used" case for $250.

You can fix it yourself for under $20 and that's if you don't already have a clamp & glue.

Once repaired (and YOU CAN do it), you'll have $270 invested in a rig valued at $450" (a few $$ off for the repaired top).

Yes, the repair will be 'visible' . The degree of it's visibility will depend on the quality of the glue job. A good repair will make it unnoticeable from 5 feet at 30 mph. Remember that these are travel guitars and will likely not increase in value over the years.

Can anyone give an accurate assessment of the instrument's overall condition from the ad & pic's? No.

Is there a risk factor? Absolutely, but no more or less than with any on-line purchase.

Re: shipping costs: You'll have to calculate shipping from your location to Jacksonville, IL for that info. You'd also be responsible for return shipping costs.

I have to admit that I don't feel comfortable if this seems like I'm soliciting business. My offer was offered as a "forum friend to forum friend" favor. :) Pro Bono work. IF my normal shop rate were applied, and with no further problems discovered, I'd charge $75 for the repair WITHOUT touch-up. Adding another $100 for touch up time & materials, I think, is overkill for this instrument.

The other repair guys' opinions are just that.  Their prices may include a humidification charge.

If YOU feel uneasy about any of this info, feel free to walk away from this instrument.

That is truly the only further advice I can offer. All final decisions are up to you.

I hope this info was helpful.

P (:

yes, very helpful, thank you

looking for solid advice

sorry, I was just confused a bit

I'm not a pro but I agree with Paul about the crack. It looks like a "dry conditions" crack to me too. It also looks to me like it may close up a but with a bit of downward pressure along the crack to so it may not be a s wide as it appear now.

If I was looking for one to play, this looks, in the pictures, like a good candidate. I can't say anything about pricing because I haven't spent any time shopping around for these. Hey, it's Craig's List, Isn't "low balling" practically written into the by-laws of the site?


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