So we do a lot of renovation work, especially when business is slow. I have done my fair share of finish repairs resulting in a claw shaped hand which leave women and children screaming and running for cover.
I decided to visit a local car body repair specialist and took along an old strat nitrocellulose body scratched to death by exposure to a 10 day sandstorm I think. He uses something called Trizact discs made by 3M on his cars and so we thought we could try it on a guitar body.
I love Trizact. Using a compression dual action sander (random orbit sander) it took off the top layer in seconds, I could feel my claw hand relaxing instantly. Polishing was equally easy.
Consequently I am just about to order my first lots of disc sheets.
Trizact is expensive but it's is made of small pyramids which as they wear away new ones are created. They last for ages.
I will let you know how we get on

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