I’m working on a Silvertone with the threaded end of the truss rod broken off. 

I saw your article about the removable truss rod on a Harmony Sovereign, which looks the exact same as this truss rod. I screwed a threaded rod onto the remaining threads, but can not get the truss rod to pull out. It seems very tight in there, and has some corrosion. I had removed some wood under the 1st fret inlay to help get out the bushing, photo included. 

I tried the pistol type soldering iron with two tips to heat up the rod with current flow, but that did not work to warm it up. If I access the rod at the other end also, is there a better device to heat the rod, probably using current also?

Any other suggestions?

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If it's one of those double rod things, it can be really hard to pull, what with rust all along the length.  If you can screw a rod onto the end, then, you can rig up a slide hammer kind of deal to tap it out.   Likely it would need hundreds of solid blows to draw it a fraction of an inch at a time.

I do have a rod screwed onto the end now, the slide hammer system sounds like a good suggestion.  Thanks for the reply.  I'll keep at it then.


Probably faster to take of the fingerboard.


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