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What kind of pickup is this? There are no markings or serial numbers of anykind?

I've not seen one before even in pictures. Sounds great!

As far as the owner knows it always been with the guitar since he can remember. It was formerly his Uncle's and he believes the guitar is from the 50's.

The guitar itself inside has no formal series designation in the interior. The serial # is 2003. I've yet to research that myself. The guitar is less of a concern.

I'm really interested to find out more about this pickup.

If anyone has any info please help me out. I'm knockin' on the door let me in. Curiosity is killing this cat.

Thanks and take care all,


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Looks like an old Electromuse but I've never seen one that didn't have that name stenciled or stamped on it. There came to be some relationship between them and DeArmond at some point - maybe DeArmond bought them out or acquired the name...... or something else. I've seen a couple of old pickups labeled 'Electromuse by DeArmond'.

Maybe someone with a better memory than me will chime in.

Nothing like that on it, but we'll see where that leads.
Thanks for the input.

Jay, You are right on. I just happen to have one of these beasts new in the box .Glad to hear it has a cool sound.
I was planning on plopping it into a norlin J-45 redux.
Thanks for clearing that up for me Robert. Any ideas on when they were made or other history surrounding this hunk O pickup?
If not just enjoy it. It's being used in lap slide format on the particular guitar I was working on with a string clearance of at LEAST and inch and it still picked up every nuance of every string.
Have fun with it.
Take care,
R.J. - FYI:

I don't trust Wiki the way I do Britannica but I don't have any reason to doubt the article here. I've also seen some old amps branded Electromuse....... don't know who made them if they were made under contract with someone else.

Thanks sometimes the obvious is the hardest path to find. Thanks for the input. Sometimes I get a little"computarded."
I spend too much time on this thing, but I couldn't handle another fretdress today. And so I'm here.
Take care,
After reading the wiki story it truly found it's home on what was to become a lap slide guitar.
I love fairy tale endings.
I believe it was a hood ornament off a 1928 Duesenburgh (juuuust kidding!).........Rusty.
Laughing my ass off brother!
Wow! I've never seen anything like this yet! What are the two wheels for?
The bottom one or treble side is volume and the other one is tone.
It is a really cool pickup.
The owner didn't want the needed neck reset on the Gibson it came with so I reapaired some cracks and made a brass nut, and half ebony(bass side) and bone saddle to turn it into a pure lap slide guitar. Sounds like it's straight out of the delta.
I'm doing a pictoral tutorial on the repair on my website under the header "Benchnotes" should be posted in the next week or two.
By the way I checked out your website. Nice work my friend. Nice original lines on your designs. Lot's of visual flavors to choose from. Right on!
Take care,
Thank for the pickup info... and the kind words. I'll check yours too between to PU coats.


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