I've always used thinner water like polishes as I do not like to get stuck on an instrument trying to remove oily polishes that never really come off. In the late 80's to the early 90's I was using the Martin polish that came in the white bottle. It had blue writing on it, but I cannot remember the model. It was a good polish that went on lightly and came off easily. When they stopped making that I went to dunlop 65. It has worked well from the mid-late '90s til now. Recently a co-worker ordered some of that "lizard spit" polish. I must say! I am not a paid shil by any means! This stuff works great! I had not realized how much my dunlop 65 was lacking especially in cleaning. This removes spittle stains,beer,sweat, and much more. I think I'm going to be switching. Give it a try and see if it works for you like it did me.

NOTE; Im not one for the creamy oily polishes. If someone wants me to use that kind od product on their guitars I will, but for the run of the mill guitars that come across my bench I think I'm going to be using this "lizard spit"

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