I am thinking about doing a Martin or Gibson bracing on this as a project for fun. Any suggestions on which to choose? Also, were these made in Chicago by Regal?

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I had one similar years ago and it had a Kay Kraft style headstock, so maybe Kay? Go with a Gibson L-00 style bracing, thin and tall.

I agree with Eric on using Gibson's tall/thin style of bracing. If it were mine, I might consider using something like the ladder bracing Gibson used on the early L-0 series rather than an X brace simply because of the bridge placement. 

Man, you got the right guy here for this. It is a 1926  Stromberg/Voisinet. I just bought an all birch one just this last week off of Ebay. A martin style x bracing for small body will work nicely for this... 

Can we have a few more pics please? 

What are back and side woods, and is it a MOTS fingerboard? Do you have the bridge? It will have to be reslotted... 

Here ya go


That's the same headstock mine had. Pretty sure they were made by Kay. Mine was all birch as well.

Here are some more pics. I am not sure what the bridge and fingerboard are. Pearwood perhaps? Bridge is wrecked of course. FB is concave. I think i might replace both with ebony, The back and sides look like birch to me. Bridge removal is not as bad as it looks. Pics of that always look bad!


FB top


Hi David. Looks like a fun project ya got there. I did a rebrace on an old 50's/60's solid wood Harmony last year and went with vintage Martin style bracing. I learned a lot from the process and wound up with a great sounding guitar. Look forward to seeing what you do with this one.

Here's a couple of photo's of my Harmony rebrace..


Gotta love that framed stud wall the used as a top. Nicely rebraced, very cleanly done.

Eric, I host Facebook's  Kay Kraft Guitars 'site, just so you know. It is a S/V from 1926, and they were the precursor company to Kay Kraft which turned into KAY guitars. 

Hey Kerry, If I had thought about it more than a few seconds I would have remembered the tie in with Kay and Stromberg Vois. By the way I own a Groehsl parlor from the 1880's that you might find historically significant for your site. Groehsl was the original precursor to Kay. It's lattice braced on top and Brazilian B&S.

It there a photoessay of that axe Eric? It would be the 1st one I have seen or heard of actually. I will send you my Email address Private message. Thanks! 


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