Does Zinsser brand Universal Sealcoat adhere to Cyanoacrylate? I called Rustoleum and they have not tested this. Wondering if anyone (Frank Ford!) has used this stuff over super glue?

I know that its essentially de-waxed shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol, just like you would dissolve flake shellac so it should stick to just about anything, but there are some other additives in there so I'm not sure if it has any adhesion problems with glues like Cyanoacrylate.

Im hoping to use it as a sealcoat under nitro



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I've used Zinnser dewaxed Sealcoat under lacquer and although I don't use CA in my guitar building (except for fret work and markers) I know many folks who do for the rosette, purflings, and perhaps more....  Some of these builders I also know to have used Zinnser over bodies with CA used as mentioned and then finished with nitro.  As such I have not heard of any adhesion issues with Zinnser and CA.

Hopefully you will take the following remark as intended which is to be helpful but you could always do a test on scrap and see how things work out for you.  I'm frequently testing things myself and it's how I learn.

It''s also a good idea to remember that like any "mixed" shellac Zinnser also has a shelf life which reminds me that my can is likely now over 2 years old and I should replace it.

Thanks Bresh!

Picking up some Zinsser dewaxed Sealcoat today and Ill be testing on scrap so I will post my results.

Sure, it sticks to everything just as regular shellac does.  I've used it over CA any number of times with success.  As to the shelf life - I believe it's "guaranteed" for three years, and age dated on the can.

Thanks Frank!


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