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At 10:20am on November 18, 2008, Penql said…
To make a word or phrase into a link - type the word or phrase into the message, then select it with the mouse, then click the little chain icon in the message box toolbar, 3rd one from the right, pop your url in there.
At 1:02pm on August 12, 2009, Rick Homan said…
Hi Jeffrey,

I plan to be at the Healdsburg Festival on Saturday, and, in particular, to attend Somogyi's voicing seminar in the morning. If I can recognize you from your picture, I'll say hello. Please do likewise.
At 7:01pm on April 15, 2010, Dave Richard said…
Jeffrey, I have a few more questions about Yamaha neck resets, and your replies to my posting were very helpful.
I have tried to steam off the neck from a '74 Fg-180: as you forecast, it will not come off. I plan to saw it off, after obtaining a flush cut thin kerf Japanese saw. You use common hanger bolts to reattach the neck. I'm concerned about cracking the heel, but I assume, with proper predrilling, that cracking is not an issue? I initially considered threaded brass inserts, for strength, but they are larger diameter, with more potential for cracking. Any more thoughts on the topic? Thanks, Dave Richard
At 9:51am on May 30, 2010, Mike Kolb said…
Hi Jeffrey.... just a quick note "off the posts" ...for fear of boring the troops or clogging the pipeline:)

I'm really intrigued by your strings-on fret leveling with the u-channels, and it just may be the magic bullet for this temperamental strat I'm trying to tame. Help me understand, if you would, how leveling with the strings on is better/different than leveling an equally straight neck with the strings off. I'm certain there's a benefit to having the strings on, but it's not apparent to me yet.

With strings on, is the idea to have a small amount of relief present after "long leveling", then inducing the relief to do "spot leveling"? Could the "string on" leveling be considered a substitute for otherwise using a neck jig? Do you ever vary the grits, i.e. working rough-to-med-to-fine? I know, a million questions and I apologize in advance.

In any event, your procedure fascinates me.... I just need to get a better handle on the theory and application. BTW, I always enjoy your posts.... thoughtful, to the point and always helpful. AND YOU DON'T TYPE IN CAPS LIKE PAUL DOES! :) /// mike
At 9:59am on July 21, 2010, FRANK said…
At 9:25am on October 19, 2011, keith angus said…
MR. Suits; Keith Angus here@Alberta, Canada. I just wanted to thank you for your very informative post in RE:to my case of 12stringitis (YAMAHA FG512) I'm here because after thrashing around with this 3wks now, I can't find anyone up here who seems to have a clue or understands the info on the posting. What is to be done? Abandon ship & sell the problem (RIGHT!) to someone else or can you help? PLEASE!
At 12:20pm on October 19, 2011, keith angus said…
Mr. Suits: Guitarelic here (12 stringitis) I don't wish to make this difficult BUT...I only have a cell phone that I have to go to a 7-11 for time/minutes & it's 50mi.E. or 100mi. W. to the nearest 'O-thank-heaven' and every second on the thing is xxx-long distance where-as I can use the I-net FREE@ the local school library. So, if it's not too much trouble for you, could we 'talk thru E-mail? I'mpretty much of a techno-peasant so that I can'y get your E-mail address out of your 'FORUM' members page. Enlighten me please!

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