Serial number 142756


Hello All,

I picked up this Fender and have been doing a little research and I am getting mixed info regarding this guitar.

On the original 68 guitar how many Pickups, and what kind ( brand, name etc. )?


I susopct someone has added a pickup, definetly added a switch.




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You might be able to find info on   if you cant find info there there is a phone number that you can call.
All Musicmasters had one (1) pickup with a hardtail bridge.


All Duo-Sonic's had two (2) pickups with a hardtail bridge


All Mustangs had two (2) pickups and a tremolo/vibrato tailpiece.


All had pickups made by Fender (duh!) that were weaker versions of Strat style pickups.  They all had solid pickup covers, either black or white.


All 3 guitars were of the same student series of instruments with the Mustang introduced last in 1964.


Although I'm pretty familiar with this series of Fender's (bought a Mustang brand new in '65), I was able to confirm ALL the info within one minute by "Googling" Musicmaster II.


Thanks Paul,

Please see attached files.. and perhaps you then can see my confusion..

These photos listed on ebay... I have also seen photos of Musicmaster11 after google

showing two pickups also.




I think the Musicmaster was routed out for 2 pickups with 1 pickup installed. I suspect there are an unknown quantity of these modified MM's to be found.



glad i don' kno' cwap about flektriks..............else i'd carmint
Somebody trying to get a Mustang out of an MM. Easy conversion back to stock and well worth the effort value wise.
BTW 1966 or 67.

Ciao Alphonse.

First of all; WHAT A GREAT GUITAR (:   Great patina on the white finish.

Without being able to take it apart, here's what I think you have:

A Musicmaster (MM) with a period correct pickguard assembly from a Mustang (MG) or Duo-Sonic (DS), or....

A Duo-sonic with a MM neck.

Fender used the same routing pattern for all 3 guitars in the series [MG., DS & MM].  Of course the MG's also got the trem route.   They did the same thing with Esquires & Tele's.*

Any way you look at it, you have a REALLY COOL GUITAR.  In the vintage market, the hardware oddities don't add or detract from value with this series of instruments. This series of instruments is a niche market and they are valued as utility instruments only.

Hope this info helps & best of luck,

Paul  (did I mention what a cool guitar that is?)

* also......when Gibson went to the large bat-wing pickguard on the SG's in 1966-67, All the SG's got the same routing pattern.  They were all routed for three (3) pickups.  That way, they could use the same batch of bodies for Standards, Specials Customs & Jr's.  A friend bought an SG custom in '68 and was really miffed to find out that his high priced Custom had the same body as a Jr.  Good guitars though in the '60's. Just a bit of history (:


I feel pretty bad, you were so kind as to give me feedback on that guitar that I hate to tell you that it was just some photos I picked up off of ebay as an example of what I was finding when I looked up Musicmaster.

The attached files are of the guitar I own ( sorry bout that! )

The bridge pickup is a Dimarzio. and someone also added a switch( I think)

I was thinking about replacing the pickgaurd and restoring to original configuration. Any suggestions regarding finding same pickguard?

Thanks for your help




Not a problem at all Alfonse. 

WOW, your guitar is ultra-cool too.  I really have a soft spot for those "student models" Fender put out. They offer tremendous bang for the buck AND they're truly made in the USA.

Here's where I'd start when sourcing a pickguard for your guitar:

Although the listing is for a Mustang PG, you can order it without switch holes and your choice of pickup mounts; even just 1. All of Warmoth's products are top notch.

Perhaps some other forum members can suggest some alternate PG sites.

After looking at the pic's of your guitar....well...if it were mine I'd leave it just as is.  That's a nice bit of customization and it has WAY, WAY better pickups in it than the stock Fenders.

No matter the outcome, have a blast with that sweet little honey & best of luck,

Paul (-:


Thanks for the link Paul..

I am interseted in restoration and resale...

I have beem buying up a few guitars here and there...

sort of dipping my toes in the water..



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